No really - Biblical significance

I've been struggling with motivation lately, and it's been catching up with me. I know I need to do better, but I just haven't made myself do it.

Today I had one of those a-ha moments during church. Someone said
When much is given much is expected
My world stopped for a moment.

I'm sure you've all heard it as many times as I have. You can find the passage both in Luke 12:48 and D&C 82:3:
For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.
I have an incredible employer. My work place has its own set of office politics, and I don't necessarily "fit in" with most of the people in my work group, but the company itself really is a great one.

My 10th anniversary with CH2M HILL was in September. When I started there in September 2000, I had been working for another environmental consultant and I was able to reduce my work week to 3 days, increase my pay rate by 26% AND work 20 hours per week and while still receiving insurance benefits (it does cost more than if you work full time, but it's still a great thing!)

My workload has varied over these past 10 years, and I'm currently doing things that I absolutely love doing. I'm working from home most of the time, and I've met and worked with people from all over the country. I get to be at home when my boys walk out the door for school in the morning. Most days I'm here when they return. I get to volunteer at school, attend school events, pick my boys up when they need me, and most of all I really get to be HERE where I want to be.

I didn't get to this point all on my own. Sitting there today in church I got it. I've been given much, and I need to act accordingly.


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