School Started...

School started today (FINALLY). Carson's in 5th grade, and he wanted nothing to do with me once he got out of the car. Evan (2nd grade) wouldn't let my hand go while we were in the parking lot, but once we got to the playground he wouldn't touch me. He winked at me when it was time for him to go inside the building (they all line up outside until the bell rings), but he wouldn't let me kiss him goodbye.

I can tell we've been doing the school thing for quite a while. I didn't even take a picture of the boys on their first day. How sad is that?

These are the first day photos from 2 and 5 years ago (Evan and Carson's first day of kindergarten, respectively). Weren't they adorable?


Oh, The Drama...

A wicked bug reeked havoc on Evan, me, and Jon last week - I missed 2 days of work and part of my weekend!

Evan spent his first day of feeling better playing water games and football with the kids on our street. Ended up with a rock stuck in his head and ran screaming into the house, "I'm dying!"

I couldn't do the blood, so Jon took him upstairs to put him in the tub. (No stitches needed - hoorah) Jon had told Carson to get the rock thrower's parents. They showed up while Jon was upstairs, and I had to deal with that interaction. Great. Go Jon.

Evan calmed down enough to ask Carson (it was one of Carson's friends that pegged him), "Is this what friends do?"

I'm so ready for school to start on Monday!


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