Dupe or Delight - Prank or Pleasure - Halloween Thesaurus

1:29 pm Halloween afternoon.

Made waffles for breakfast. Cleaned the kitchen. Grandma Norris dropped off sugar cookies, frozen berries, and jam. Spent an hour talking to one of my most favorite women (I love you Mom). Pumpkins are carved. Cleaned the kitchen. Boys are playing Battleship because I can't handle any more TV noise. Grandma's cookies are all gone. Cleaned the kitchen. The boys discovered the glazed doughnut stash. They're all gone. Cleaned the kitchen. See how my day has gone?

Jon's going to the U game tonight with his brother, nephew, and neighbor. I'm staying home to enjoy all of the ghouls and goblins that will knock on our door. I've got about 900 pieces of candy. I really hope I don't have a whole lot left over, but I can't imagine that many kids requesting treats.

I typically make some sort of festive dinner (tonight I'm planning hashbrown headstones, link sausage appendages, and scrambled body parts laced with ketchup streaks. Should be easy - right?)

Things to do pre-haul. Shower. Walgreens - face paint, pumpkin candles, and reading glasses. Candy in bucket. Figure out who is supervising each boy during candy gathering. Thread cross stitch needle. Feed boys. Anxiously wait for door bell ringing to begin. Whew!

Sit down. Start next row of cross stitch (I'm using linen that is much smaller than I thought - hence the reading glasses). Open door. Try to name each treater and remember their costume so that I can talk to them about it later. Close the door. Sit back down. Do few more stitches. Open the door....Then the evening will wind down and I'll start getting upset that so many older kids are out without even dressing up (had a bunch last year that showed up wearing backwards hoodies - using their hoods to hold candy. They got mad because I wouldn't let them in to have a drink of water. Not looking forward to that part. But until then...



To Market, to Market

Week 3! Only one more week left. This has been so much fun!


Yoooo Hoooo! (said as I open your door and allow myself inside)

You guys!

Look what I got asked to do!

My cousin, Miranda, has asked me to participate in a panel discussion about one of my favorite places - my kitchen - and what goes on in that beloved spot.

She's also hosting a giveaway... Check it out!


Skiwampusly Using My Think Juice

Evan was quietly standing behind me this afternoon while I was watching a video feed online. I had just set my Diet Coke with Lime on the desk and was typing a new web address into my browser.

He loudly asked, "Is that your think juice?" Made me stop and consider how many cans and bottles have been placed in the receptacle at my side. I discovered that
Yes, Evan, DC w/ Lime is my Think Juice!

And my dear boy - here is what I'm thinking about:
  • Griff brought me a handful of M&Ms that had seen better days. He informed me that he'd picked them out of the Mountain Trailmix bag. Love it when that happens. He then showed me a blue one and said "Mom - how did this get so skiwampus?" I want to know how he came up with that particular vocabulary word...
  • It's supposed to be in the mid 50's today, but I'm looking at a thermostat right now, and it says 47 degrees.
  • Why is it so annoying and time consuming to apply for life insurance?
  • If I Google Tongan and Samoan funereal customs, will I find out how long my street will be clogged with visiting mourners?
  • Should I feel worse than I do about telling my boys the Xbox has to be turned off until tomorrow night - even though they are out of school for a couple of days and it results in one of them throwing anger tantrums in the basement? What's so bad about going to a friend's house (to probably play video games) anyway?
  • Will the neighbors hire my anger tantrum thrower as a professional wailer?
  • Why am I craving no-bake cookies?
  • Why does my scanner keep putzing out on me - especially when I really need it?
  • How do I let the day get away from me?
Gotta go do damage control and make the house a little cleaner than it was when Jon walked out the door this morning. I haven't done a thing, and I'm pretty sure I don't smell all that great. Thank me for sharing...


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