I kissed a boy...

Griff and I had an evening alone while we waited for the other guys to get home from hunter education (Both CJ & ED passed!).

We split a gyro from Apollo Burger, each had a slice of that crunchy stuff that falls apart - aka baklava, and shared a Diet Coke.

Then we went to the hospital to see our adorable new niece and cousin - Leah. Got to watch her first bath and left just in time to avoid a feeding and impending bed button pushing.

We've never been to the new hospital, and there are lots of new roads leading to/from the place. We drove on some of those and found houses that Griff didn't want to live in.

We went into Target, and I told G we'd look for a shirt and a pair of shoes for school. On the way in we stopped at the $1 Spot, and he found a Power Ranger sticker and activity book (a must for this boy of mine) and Spiderman socks.

Next we walked through shoes. He found some - although he was quite upset that they weren't "wheelies". Wasn't worth the fight to tell him the correct name - and then we walked through the boys section. He walked along the t- and polo-shirt risers, grabbed one of each shirt - regardless of size - tossed them in the cart, and proclaimed, "FINISHED!" Huh - that'd be the easiest trip ever if I really could have just waltzed on up to the checkout.

I had to talk him out of a few and be talked into one other. Ended up with 4 shirts for under $13 when one of them ended up being on clearance. Love it!

We meandered the CD/book area and the end caps with other clearance items. We found Color Wonder mini coloring books with 3 pens for $0.97! Grabbed a few of those for bday presents and sacrament meetings. Also found a fake potted rosemary plant for the same price. It somehow ended in our cart too.

We were finally headed toward the checkout when we found that machine that lets you sample all the misc music cds dispayed beneath it. Griff of course wanted to push each button as he matched it's photo to the CD below. I was looking at some of the college dorm decor next to the display when I noticed Griff bowing to me. He said in his most proper voice, "May I have this dance?" We swayed and spun a couple of times while Classical Music for Reading played. Both of us ended up with smiles, and I saw a couple of other customers smiling with us.

He said it was time to go then, so we headed out.

We finally pulled into our garage, and I was getting Griff out of the car. He puckered up, and I asked him what he was doing. He said, "Dad told me that when you go on dates, you usually kiss goodnight." I laid a huge one on him, and that's the end...


Are Those Minnie's?

Jon, Griff and I were at Kohls last week. Griff was being very persistent about wanting to look at the toys. Jon was looking at shirts, and G went walking off by his independent self. He came back when I called him - but he was carrying a zebra print bra.

Now - G is definitely a boob man (lets me know what he can see when I float on my back in the pool, can demonstrate exactly what happens up front when I've got my bra on v. when I don't...). He holds the bra up saying that it would be really pretty on me. Then Griff slung the thing on his head, cups kind of over his ears, and asked me if he looked like Minnie Mouse. Jon was not really paying attention but looked up long enough to say under his breath (which doesn't come out as much under his breath as he thinks...) - Now, that's my kind of toy!

I'm sure you can imagine the conversation going on in the car when we left the store... I just looked out the window and let Jon deal with it.


1 dozen annual celebrations!!!

Happy Birthday Carson!
I loved you before I saw you, and even when you push my limits I love you more.
With you I get to figure stuff out.
Thanks for making that so enjoyable.


When a Librarian Says "SHHHHH!!!!!!" You Better Listen

This afternoon the boys and I ran over to the library to pick up my on-hold books, renew the checkout on Griff's Justice League DVD, and let Carson and Evan check out a book or two. Sounds like a plan, huh?

I'm a pretty lax library mom. We have a deal that Griff and Carson head to the kids DVD section. Evan grabs a book and then relieves Carson. I swing into the hold room and then stop by a computer to see when my next hold is going to show up. Then we all meet at the DVD section and narrow down Griff's selection. A boy's family should only have to put up with so many TMNT, Goosebump, and Sonic videos creating ambient noise you know?

Anyway - shortly after that we stampede to the auto checkouts, and see who can get finished first. While we wait for the others, we get to watch whatever animal happens to reside at our library. We've had chinchillas, sugar gliders, and now it's rats.

WELL, today we were approaching the checkout counter, and I discovered that I'd left my wallet home. This was a problem because not everyone has their library card bar code memorized (what is wrong with Carson, Evan, and Griffin?!) so most of us could not check out our selections.

Never fear - a plan popped into my head. The library has a program that allows you to read away your fines. You get $1 for each 30 minutes of reading done in the library. See that little earlier mention about renewing the checkout on Griff's Justice League DVD... Carson and Evan wanted to sit and read anyway, and Carson said he'd read to Griff. Please note that I was completely apprehensive of leaving Griff without my supervision, but the librarian said that as long as he was reading, he would be all right without me. That's as good as permission! Right??

So home I ran. Then the thought occurred to me that I needed to get the boys' Hunter Education Registration Certificates so that they could start the class tonight. What better time to do that than when I've got no boys with me? I took heed of my friend, Julie's, facebook status.. While I was waiting for the certificates to print, I remembered that I'd thrown my very short grocery list in my purse, AND I WAS OUT OF DIET COKE WITH LIME!!!!!

A mere 30 minutes later (that's 30 minutes after I decided to run through the grocery store) I pulled into the library parking lot. Now - any mom out there will recognize the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I tell you that the librarian was standing outside - WITH GRIFFIN. I parked, walked over to them, and made some comment about how Griff must not have been reading. She replied, "Nope!" with a very strong emphasis on the "p", turned, and walked into the library ahead of me.

Good news is that Carson and Evan completely read away their fines. As for Griff? She gave him fine credit, but I ended up paying for the Justice League DVD because it's been missing for about 5 weeks anyway.

I hope I don't see that librarian for a while.


Sometimes I Don't Get It

We were driving to Provo yesterday afternoon, and Griff starts asking me: Mom? What do blue and yellow make?

I responded: Green (which was NOT the answer he was looking for)

This went back and forth with increasing frustration on both our parts.

Griff finally said: You're supposed to say red - it's a joke.

A few minutes later: Mom? What do blue and yellow make?

Now - I know I'm supposed to say red, but that was not the correct answer, and I was in one of my moods...

I responded: Green

Completely exasperated sign from the back seat.

Evan pipes in: G, sometimes women just don't understand.


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