New Years Food-A-Palooza

You going to a New Year's Eve party? I am! My guys and I will be adding decibels at my in-laws'.
We'll be having pizza (of course) and assorted other snacks. My contribution includes:
  • makings for my favorite BBQ chicken & blue cheese pizza
  • Salsa ala Joni Blandford
  • my BFF's habanero jelly (she mailed it to me!) to top cream cheese on crackers
  • a spiced cherry cheeseball, AND
  • Russian tea cakes
How's that for a symphony o' flavors? Happy end of 2009 y'all! See you in 2010.


Christmas Letter Wordle

I tried something new this year for my Christmas letter. I created a wordle.
I'm all about tradition so I mailed my fair share of cards, but I also believe in being green.
So - for those of you who live closer to me here's my Christmas letter.

Have a happy holiday season!


A Little Diva This - A Little Diva That

I think I'd rate last night's Diva fit about a 7.3. It wasn't out of control, but it was heated. I don't even remember what it was about.

Jon and Carson were downtown looking at the lights at Temple Square with the other young men & women from our ward. So it was just me, Evan, and Griff. I was sitting here working on my Christmas Cards and Evan and G were standing in the hall. I heard Evan ask, "Is it here yet?"

Footsteps running down the stairs.

The garage door opening.

Griff replying, "Nope!"

Footsteps running back up the stairs.

A few minutes and tirades later, Griff braved my door, walked up behind me, gave me a hug, and said "Here Mom, the DC [that's Diet Coke for those not in the know] truck just dropped this off." He placed a nice, cold can of DC on my desk and walked away.

Then I heard Evan say from his room, "Jeesh. I sure hope that helps!"



So - depredation. Know what it is? For a long time I thought it was a word made up by my brother. Guess what. I was wrong. Gack - I know! Right? According to Merriam-Webster, the word means
to lay waste: plunder, ravage OR to engage in plunder

My brother runs a depredation services company. [He guides coyote hunts] Anyway. If you will pull out your Dec 09 - Jan 10 Field & Stream, Cory is featured on pg. 50.

Just thought I'd share the love.

Way to go brother of mine!


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