Hike from H-E-double hockey stick...

Carson had a great time on the Clements Lake hike with Jon & Uncle Ben (It’s 22 miles and 4000 ft elevation change roundtrip!). He befriended a deer, talked Ben's ear off about Pokemon, and according to his dad was quite the trooper. Carson loves talking about this trip, so if you have a minute go ahead and ask him.

On the way down, Carson literally walked the soles right off his shoes. Think we could get a refund? He bought them a couple Saturdays before the hike and had put in quite a few miles walking in them on the treadmill so that he’d be ready. Good thing Ben's trained in proper taping techniques (although I'm not sure there is a proper method for taping shoes) and Jon had tape on his walking stick!

By the way, should any of you find yourselves interested, here's the link (I know it's not a working link - just copy the address into your browser, all right?) to a document that describes the construction this summer at Clements Lake. I know it’s my inner nerd, but I think it would have been amazing to be there the day they airlifted in the construction equipment.



Had a great day yesterday with Staci's family. We BBQ'd at Grandma & Grandpa's house and then watched fireworks at BYU stadium from the church parking lot near the house.

We got to see Grandpa & Grandma Norris; The Lundbergs (Cory, Shannon, Emery, Ryan & Tyson); Graham, Kristie & Catherine; Sarah and Steph!

Carson, Evan and Griff loved seeing their cousins.


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