I bumped this so it didn't get lost in the reunion tome. I've also modified it a bit and am including photos (if I have them) for those who share/post a comment.

This is an interesting little game...

Leave a comment on my blog of a memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time or a long time--anything you can remember! Next re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory of you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you....

Don't be shy; you know you're curious about what sticks out in someone else's mind!

Jenn- This must have been taken on one of our field trips to the planetarium. You were/are adorable!

Lisa - Hah! I wrote which angel we were on the back of this photo. You were Chris, Karen was Kelly, Julie was Sabrina, and I was Jill. Who took this and how was the camera not shaking because of them laughing? I also found a cassette I made for some road trip (possibly the Vegas one). It's titled "Angel Music", and every song has the word "angel" in it somewhere.


Hill Fam Reunion - Day One

The bi-annual Nathan Hill Family Reunion (that's Jon, his parents & 7 siblings) was this past weekend. Everyone in the family was there (all 52 of us!), and it was fabulous.

We started off with family photos. As if getting a single decent shot of the 6 powercousins (what would you call 6 male 3&4 year olds with Griff at the helm?) wasn't enough fun, you should have seen the entire group shot.... The first and third are my personal favorites. How can you not love a fun-seeker like that kid in green on the front row?

Oh yeah - and because I know you were wondering... Hayden (front row center) did follow Griff's lead. He took a pair of scissors and cut a V in his hair the week before the reunion - requiring the use of clippers. Go G.

Following the photo shoot we went to Murray Park for lunch. The next scheduled activity was at 7:00 that evening, so we were able to drive to the lodge and check in at our leisure.

A 70th birthday party had been planned for my FIL. I made a small comment about the quality of Hills singing "Happy Birthday" on Evan's bday post. Now you can hear it all for yourself! You may want to close your eyes. My cinematography is pretty weak - I tried to panoramically capture the group, and it's a little bumpy.

My 4 SILs and I put together quite the gift package. We each found 14 items (makes a total of 70 for all you non-mathematicians), wrapped them individually, and put them in a big box. This was saved for the end of the festivities, and it was a hoot! You can see Dad reluctantly holding a big ol red bra (contrary to popular opinion, this was not mine!). He's always shared a rule with his sons and grandsons "If you're going to wear a necklace, you have to wear a bra to go with it." We gave him a necklace so he had to take his own meds. I'm sure the folks standing out on their balconies watching all of us on the deck were wondering what was going on.
The evening concluded with the men gathering in the hotel conference room for their ritual Risk gaming. I don't know who won this year's battle, but I'm pretty sure the brothers didn't put up with being over-turned by one of the BILs.

HFR - Day 2

We got to sleep in and take our time getting to the pavillion (that's pERvillion in Jon-Hill-speak) on Friday morning. We spent the afternoon at Jordanelle Reservoir baking/basking in the sun. The water was cold when you first got in (as you can see from my niece Heather's expression). This one makes me smile. Believe it or not my nephew, Josh, was not in the water when I caught this photo - he's just being Josh. Go back to the powercousin photos, and you'll see...
Evan didn't say much while we were on the beach. I finally decided that he must have been trying to channel his inner gator because he spent quite a long time paddling along on this log being the quiet observer.

Griff just did his thing (which included multiple disappearing acts - anyone have a cure/remedy for independant 4-yr-olds? I'm not too keen on kid-leashes, but I completely understand why they were invented).Carson is in that wierd male-tween stage. He wasn't quite as adventurous as my older nephews, but he thinks he can try.

I love this photo of my SIL, Shauna, so I'm sharing it. Finally - after the older nephews (Ryan, Nate, Jeff, Steve, and Nathaniel) had returned from their island swim, they were put up to showing off their stuff right in front of some bikini-clad babes (doesn't that just make me sound like a wanna-be-hyp-middle-aged Mom?) who were behind the moms taking photos.

These guys rock. If my boys turn out to be half this fun, I'll be thrilled.

After we'd cleaned up, we headed into Heber. We typically eat at Dairy Keen on our way home from Moon Lake camping trips. Couldn't pass up a chance to have all of us eat there again now could we?

When tummies were full we headed to the park across the street. It was a beautiful summer evening. We played on the playground, launched pinecones out of the potato cannon, and had a couple games of touch football.

I got a new camera the day before we left for the reunion, so I was trying out some of the settings. I like how this one (night-landscape) turned out. It sort of reinforces the disappearing thing I talked about earlier.

Looks like the college girls (Rachel, Natasha, and Aimee) still got their swing...

This is my nephew, Samuel, with a dose of brave in him.

When we'd all returned to the lodge and the chitlens were a bit settled, the ladies gathered in the lobby for girl's night. The lobby had some adjustable leather chairs, some of which weren't very agreeable. My SIL, Natalie, discovered that this maneuver helped. You can also see my FIL - he brought us treats and was a little wary of leaving his wife, daughters, and DILs with no male supervision. He wasn't the only worried male. The poor guy at the desk didn't quite know how to take all of our giggling and non-alcoholic-induced guffaws.All I'm gonna say is that if I ever do skinny dip in a hopefully-darkened-hotel pool, these girls are gonna be there with me. I could not have chosen a better group of women as my SILs. I'm sure it's not the same as having my own sister, but I cannot express without getting all sorts of sappy how much I love all of them.

HFR - Days 3 & 4

Saturday was a free day. I got to go shopping with my SILs and nieces. I don't get to shop for girls, so this quickly wore me out. Headed back to the hotel and took a 2 1/2 hr nap! A bunch of us set up tables in the conference room and played board games for a couple of hours while we waited for a group to get back from the Alpine Coaster/Mtn Biking excursion. It rained pretty hard, so we had to move our dinner indoors. I'm sure we were loud as all get out, but the hotel staff was very accomodating.

We had a family meeting after dessert and then all crowded into Val & Mark's room to watch the slideshows of past reunions that Natalie put together.

Sunday morning we had a farewell meeting and then drove home.

Griff just pointed out that Jake has painted toe nails. Don't blame this on him - he's the only male sibling in his house. This just proves how manly he has to be to deal with his 4 sisters!

I did not have a very good attitude going into this reunion, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm excited for 2010!

Post HFR

Just because the reunion is over does not mean that the Hills will stop gathering.
Monday evening Jon and I took the boys to Temple Square with Dan, Nat & their kids.
If you haven't been to the Church History Museum lately, you should go. The Child of God exhibit is hands-down better than anything that's at the children's museum.

Last night the fam met at Leatherbys. If you haven't been there either, put it on your "to go" list. Have the Daddy Doug's with Toasted Almond, Swiss Milk Chocolate, and either Almond Joy or Arcadia Avalanche ice cream. Top it off with carmel, hot fudge, and a few cherries. This is not to be eaten by yourself! I actually picked up a Cafe Rio salad (it's right next door) and chased it with the banana from Jon & Griff's Daddy Doug, but that's just because I hadn't eaten all day. If I'd had my usual, it would have been a Gretchen's Golden Nugget (waffle bowl, praline pecan ice cream, loads of carmel, dollop of whip cream, and cherry sprinkled with cinnamon) - it's divine.

Jon got a lots of niece attention - which he always craves. The man has some adorable nieces... Kim (on left) and McKaela (on right) wanted quarters for gumballs. Guess what Jon wanted in exchange.


For Christian

After these photos were taken, I hung a hummingbird feeder on the left side of Griff's closet. I found some cloisonné hummingbirds at Wild Bird Center. I have one of them perched on the feeder, one hung from the window valance, and a couple in the tree that's painted on the wall. It's almost my favorite room in my house.



I'm wearing a new pair of crops today (they are orange and have white circles embroidered on them - kind of out there, but since I've always had a thing for pants with personality, I had to have them). I'm also wearing a pair of open-toed heels that are a very near match to the color. I think the look is fabulous!

This morning I was walking past Evan & Carson's room on my way down stairs. Carson was staring at my shoes. I asked him what he was looking at - my shoes. I asked what was wrong. He just smiled and said "Nothing." Evan spoke up and said that they matched my pants - like girls are supposed to. Carson said, "Yeah, but they're the same color as fry sauce."


Apple Pie and Ice Cream

Four more days till the bi-annual Nathan Hill fam reunion. We are so excited!

Right now all but one of Jon's siblings are in town. We're also missing one more bro-in-law. They all get here on Wednesday. Jon's 3 sisters and their fams are living at Mom & Dad's house. The place is C R A Z Y! There are 21 people living in that house! Those of us not inhabiting the nest often do not want to miss out on the fun. We can most likely be found there as well.

Just last night my own hubbie threw an amazing pity party and demanded that we have home made ice cream and applie pie. Sheesh! His sisters were kind enough to inform me that of all the brothers, his nagging has changed the least since he was younger. They shared stories of him whining to get his scout badges sewn onto his uniform and his mother finally hiding his shirt so that he'd leave her alone. I can actually hear the vocal inflections that he would have used to try to get her to do it for him (this is me shaking my head and rolling my eyes).

Anyway - Jon, the boys, and I pulled out around 11:00 last night - leaving the mess for his sisters to clean up. Griff and Ev fell asleep almost as soon as they were in the car - tummies very happy and smiles (and not a little dirt) on their faces. It was a great evening.

Honestly, thank you Mom, Val, Becky, Debbie, and Tash for throwing things together and allowing Jon a snippet of his past that he "could share with his 3 sons in the back". He talked about it all the way home. Thanks also for enduring Dad's bellering when he thought you weren't doing the ice cream right. (If it's any consolation - he offered to add sour cream, chili, peas, or potatoes to my alfredo sauce the night before). Gotta love Nate and Jon, huh?

One more thing - in all of our years together Jon has never requested home made ice cream or apple pie at our abode. It's something he thinks doesn't cook right unless it's done at Mom & Dad's.



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