It's Cuz I'm a Boy Mom, Right?

Thought you'd get a kick out of this...
Yesterday G came downstairs and said, "Mom - I'm kind of stuck." He'd been playing with color changing silly putty, and it was literally stuck all over his boy parts. The wrinkly skin on the sac is like a silly putty magnet if you know what I'm saying... Took quite a bit of peanut butter and a hot shower, but it did come off.
It was quite the sight! Green goo all over his little guy. He was so worried! I really wanted to take a photo, but decided it wasn't something I'd be able to share anyway.
I'm so glad his brothers were home - more witnesses for future humiliation.


January Funk

Somewhere in my mind is an amazingly well written post about the doldrums of January. But - it's just not happening. Kind of like the storm that was supposed to clear the gunk out of the Salt Lake Valley air...

Last night I got to talk to my dear friend, April, for almost an hour. Our boys were doing their things in the background, and we still talked for 56 bittersweet minutes.

Today I read about my cousin cleaning out her closet (something that really needs to be done at my house).

Two of my boys are at school. Carson and Jon are playing Rock Band until Carson leaves for school.

All I want to do is quilt, read with Griff, perhaps take a trip to Hobby Lobby or a quilt shop, do a puzzle, build a Lego Milennium Falcon with Evan, conjure up some choc chip cookies, talk to Carson after school, and go on a date with my hubby.

Sounds like a good day huh? It's 9:11 am. Think I can make it happen?


It's a Love/Hate Thing

Last night I was cooking dinner. The menu included Colosimo's sausage and mashed potatoes for most of us and something reminiscent of school lunch for two of the boys. Tell me if you ever had this - I used to love it!

It's a hotdog cut down the middle length-wise. Topped with two scoops of mashed potats and a slice or two of cheddar cheese. Stick it a hot oven to melt the cheese, drizzle that baby with ketchup, and there you have some kid-pleasing goodness. I was thrilled to watch these things disappear - especially into my most picky's pie hole...

Anyway - while grilling the sausage, I was using my beloved silicone alligator mouth hot pad (not as cute as the one on the left, but you get the idea). I grabbed the lid with my left hand, and that bugger rotated so that the flat part of the handle lined up with the flat part of the hot pad. Obviously this isn't me & my fam, but do you see the lid of the pan in the lower left corner? It's a little different than my 1993 variety pots, but work with me. (BTW - It appears that Calphalon has redesigned their lid handles - my story is an excellent example of why this was necessary!) So - the edge of the rotated lid caught underneath my watch band. I panicked for a bit, let go of the hotpad and ran for the sink. Do you see where this is going? It took me a bit to get my watch off, and I have a feeling that the heat had transferred to my jewelry and continued its damage.

I've now got a quarter-sized white, charred, blistered area on my wrist. I'm allergic to the adhesive on bandages, so I've got it covered with gauze pads and that first aid tape that sticks together without the sticky. It's a lovely wristband look I'll be sporting for the next few days. Perhaps I'll see if I can find some colored tapes... Won't be wearing a watch for a while - that's for sure.


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