Moon Lake 09

This year's trip to Moon Lake had some definite highs and lows. Lows:

  • - Rain (all day Wednesday, most of Thursday, and again Saturday while packing up)

  • - Cold (one rainy night & day followed by night time clear sky does not make for warm temperatures)

  • - Bathrooms had been torn down for improved facilities, which weren't constructed yet. Portapotties were not one of the better parts of the trip.


  • - Family (35 of us including 2 nieces who flew in from San Antonio specifically to go to Moon Lake)

  • - Friends (Mary, Josh & Julia Tipton and Debbie & Gary Davis all came along) - Yep - that made our group 40 in total. Funny thing about this photo of Jules - I honestly don't remember her being this happy during the rain storms. This little girl has a set of lungs on her that she is not afraid to use - during any of the 24 hours in a calendar day

  • - Being completely disconnected from my phone and computer

  • - Spending an extra day (went up a day earlier than usual)

  • - One on one time with all 4 of my guys. Every. Single. Day. (Including a boat ride that was just me & Jon - I think Jon would have succeeded at making me a member of the Across-the-Lake club [;-)] if another storm wasn't blowing in.

  • - Playing mafia with nieces/nephews every night

  • - Smores - even though I apparently made quite the spectacle of myself on night #2 trying to get my mallow over the fire because the mallows disappeared on night #1 before I got to roast one.


What a morning...

Guess whose kids typically ride bus 1402...

My boys missed the bus this morning, and Jon drove them to school. They drove through the intersection and saw the whole thing. They're pretty shook up.

By the way - the bus driver was not drinking. The driver of the truck apparently was.

I asked Evan how everyone was doing at school, and he said that his friend Braydon O was bloody (that's Braydon's mom on the news clip) and that Woody was really bad. Woody is the bus driver.

Evan says they may never see bus 1402 ever again because they'll probably scrap it. Evan was very disappointed that Woody was not there to drive the kids home and wants to find out which hospital he's at so that we can go visit him.

Woody is a great bus driver.


Left Out

Do you ever feel just plain left out?

Last night Jon and I were talking about what we wanted to do today. I honestly couldn't see past the chaos in the house. Jon's very much a play all day on Saturday guy. When he's got his mind made up that something is out there to be played, there really isn't a way to change his mind.

This morning he went to Lowes to pick up a sprinkler for the back yard and came home all fired up about the boys not being dressed. I had been reading and hadn't showered or gotten out of bed.

The boys hurried to get dressed and he said they were all going to go to the air show at Hill AFB. I'd already said I didn't want to go because after years of working up there, I really wasn't interested in hearing planes ALL. DAY. LONG. The boys however were all sorts of excited to go.

So I'm sitting at home, rotating laundry, working on work stuff, and cleaning rooms. To tell you the truth, I'm feeling awfully sorry for myself.

There are an awful lot of memories being made and I'm not part of any of them. I need to change that...


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