Moon Lake 09

This year's trip to Moon Lake had some definite highs and lows. Lows:

  • - Rain (all day Wednesday, most of Thursday, and again Saturday while packing up)

  • - Cold (one rainy night & day followed by night time clear sky does not make for warm temperatures)

  • - Bathrooms had been torn down for improved facilities, which weren't constructed yet. Portapotties were not one of the better parts of the trip.


  • - Family (35 of us including 2 nieces who flew in from San Antonio specifically to go to Moon Lake)

  • - Friends (Mary, Josh & Julia Tipton and Debbie & Gary Davis all came along) - Yep - that made our group 40 in total. Funny thing about this photo of Jules - I honestly don't remember her being this happy during the rain storms. This little girl has a set of lungs on her that she is not afraid to use - during any of the 24 hours in a calendar day

  • - Being completely disconnected from my phone and computer

  • - Spending an extra day (went up a day earlier than usual)

  • - One on one time with all 4 of my guys. Every. Single. Day. (Including a boat ride that was just me & Jon - I think Jon would have succeeded at making me a member of the Across-the-Lake club [;-)] if another storm wasn't blowing in.

  • - Playing mafia with nieces/nephews every night

  • - Smores - even though I apparently made quite the spectacle of myself on night #2 trying to get my mallow over the fire because the mallows disappeared on night #1 before I got to roast one.

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