Moon Lake - June 2007

This year's group was very good sized. We sure missed Grandpa & Grandma Hill! All 5 of the SLC siblings and their families made it (except for Aunt Merrilee who was having some pregnancy problems). Uncle John, Aunt Karen, Aunt Gay & dog Kayla came up for a day.

Griff has 5 boy cousins who were all born within 9 months after him. Five of them were on this trip, and they had a great time! Jon was a great dad while he & the boys soaked up their time. I, Staci, was really busy with work and couldn't leave it at the office or at my desk at home. I spent the majority of one day sitting at a picnic table, hand writing an EA that I couldn't get out of my head. Not my favorite way to spend a camping trip.


Fast as a Speeding Bullet

Carson took first place in this year's Pinewood Derby!

Jon and our neighbor, Gary, were placing the rear axle as Staci was trying to get the boys herded out the door and loaded in the car. How's that for last minute preparation?

Carson chose a color that Jon calls @&*%-blue. (We ran out of time to get to the store, so he had to choose from whatever paint was available in the garage and basement) I think it turned out just fine. Of course I can say that because it's the color that I chose to paint Carson and Evan's dresser. Jon dressed it up with a coat of gloss finish.

Have to apologize for the photo quality. Our digital camera was broken by an independant, adventurous 3-yr-old, who lives at our house. So the phone was what we had to work with.


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