Skiwampusly Using My Think Juice

Evan was quietly standing behind me this afternoon while I was watching a video feed online. I had just set my Diet Coke with Lime on the desk and was typing a new web address into my browser.

He loudly asked, "Is that your think juice?" Made me stop and consider how many cans and bottles have been placed in the receptacle at my side. I discovered that
Yes, Evan, DC w/ Lime is my Think Juice!

And my dear boy - here is what I'm thinking about:
  • Griff brought me a handful of M&Ms that had seen better days. He informed me that he'd picked them out of the Mountain Trailmix bag. Love it when that happens. He then showed me a blue one and said "Mom - how did this get so skiwampus?" I want to know how he came up with that particular vocabulary word...
  • It's supposed to be in the mid 50's today, but I'm looking at a thermostat right now, and it says 47 degrees.
  • Why is it so annoying and time consuming to apply for life insurance?
  • If I Google Tongan and Samoan funereal customs, will I find out how long my street will be clogged with visiting mourners?
  • Should I feel worse than I do about telling my boys the Xbox has to be turned off until tomorrow night - even though they are out of school for a couple of days and it results in one of them throwing anger tantrums in the basement? What's so bad about going to a friend's house (to probably play video games) anyway?
  • Will the neighbors hire my anger tantrum thrower as a professional wailer?
  • Why am I craving no-bake cookies?
  • Why does my scanner keep putzing out on me - especially when I really need it?
  • How do I let the day get away from me?
Gotta go do damage control and make the house a little cleaner than it was when Jon walked out the door this morning. I haven't done a thing, and I'm pretty sure I don't smell all that great. Thank me for sharing...

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  1. Wow- If you can think of all of those things in that moment, I would say that DC with lime puts your brain in hyper mode. ;)



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