Nomenclature (or - I Like the Way That Rolls Off the Tongue)

Hey! Guys! This is it!

100th POST!!!

My cousin, Miranda, is contemplating a blog title change. I was typing a response to her post and decided that the topic of blog names would be perfect for numbero hundredo. So - let's talk evolution of blog names.

First I did Go Tell It On the Hills that didn't work because my blog is about my Hills - not THE Hills. It sounded like I was going to be posting gossipy insights about every single Hill. There are a lot of those, and I'm not paparazzi. I decided I wanted something more personal and less hymnish. And I can hear all of your snickers about my hills. I know what you're thinking...

So - Random Deliberate Cogitation. Thesaurus anyone? Still one of my favorite titles, but it now graces the cover of my journal with a Volume 1 in smaller text below (just in case there are a volume 2 & 3). If they don't open the cover my progeny are going to think that I was one pompous diva. If they do open the cover, I think they'll lose the pompous perception, but the diva will pounce like a tiger sprung from a cage.

For now I am completely thrilled with Consider My Monkeys although I keep spelling monkies when I type it out or write it down for someone. Not so good. I love the title because in my mind and sometimes outloud my boys are referred to as apes, oragutans, and gorillas depending on what they're climbing on, how loud they are, how large of a mess their room is, whether they're flinging monkey poo, or if their mother has gone APE SHIT crazy... Sorry - got away from myself there.
Anyway - thanks for putting up with me through 100 posts, and please stay tuned for at least 100 more.

Oh - and I'm sure I could figure out some kind of give away if any of you can tell me how to fix the post header so that it doesn't cut off words...)

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