Whip it - Whip it Good (Ode to Heavy Cream)

This month my book group read Saints Well Seasoned: Musings on how Food Nourishes Us-- Body, Heart, and Soul It's a collection of 37 essays from LDS authors about food. Our assignment was to not only read the book but to write our own little ditty about our favorite food. So - here goes...

A few years ago I took some taking photos of my confectionary process and was going to compile them into a very personalized scrap/cookbook, but then I found Cooking for Engineers, and the need for me to create such a book was negated. So - these photos have been waiting for my attention near the bottom of my to-be-scrapped pile.

As I looked through the photos I discovered most of my favorite recipes have a very common theme.


Here are 10 cream trivia-related facts for my house.
  1. It's in Potato Soup, Twice Baked Potatoes, Rice Pudding, Alfredo Sauce, and Cinnamon Roll Frosting.
  2. I love watching the butter and cream whisk together when making alfredo sauce.
  3. When Jon whips cream, he adds a little bit more vanilla than sugar.
  4. We prefer our whipped cream over the spray variety.
  5.  The favorite application of Jon's whipped cream is malts (at the top and bottom of the glass) and waffles.
  6. I prefer the cream in screw-top containers that Walmart used to carry over the carton ones that don't reclose.
  7. I liked Walmart's screw-top packaging more than Costco's.
  8. My kitchenaid whips cinnamon roll frosting much quicker and creates fewer blisters than beating that stuff by hand.
  9. You can make potato soup with just milk, but it just doesn't taste as good.
  10. I have to hide cream in my refrigerator because my boys (all 4 of them) think they need a not-so-little bit in the center of their bowl of cold cereal in the mornings.

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  1. I agree with all of the above. When I whip cream, I only add a Tbsp. of sugar at a time to sweeten it to the perfect amount for whatever I'm making. I HEART CREAM. It's like we're related.



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