It's All About the Adventure - Right?

A couple of nights ago Carson got a text saying that he'd won a $100 Walmart gift card for visiting a website. We called the number provided and were told that we would receive a 10-day free sample of BromaCleanse - some kind of weight loss stuff (and isn't that the least informative website? What is the stuff? What's in it? What does it do? Do you see any links?). AND we'd receive the $100 Walmart card after calling a 1-866 number the following morning to confirm that we'd talked to Harry Hernandez.

Now here's the deal. Harry Hernandez spoke of two separate products. One that's $29.95 per month - I think that one is for website access. The other was $79.95 and is for a 30-day supply of BromaCleanse. Both would be automatically charged to my account (isn't that convenient) unless I called to cancel my subscription. Huh.

I was told that we'd be charged $3.34 for shipping and handling and that I needed to call the 1-866 number the following morning because not very many people actually won the gift card. We went ahead with the order - any $100 before Christmas is great - right?.

I had a gift card with about 4 bucks and change still on it. Hello - I'm not completely naive.

So - now I just need to call another 1-866 number within 10 days to cancel my subscription if I'm not completely satisfied. Now here are my questions:
  1. 10 days from when? The day we made the call? The day they shipped the product? The day we received the product? The day we actually took the product - which I'm thinking may be some kind of diarhea inducing pill, and who would really want that?
  2. Are those 10 days calendar days or business days?
  3. What are the two separate charges? Do I need website access? I don't think I'm going to be going to your website to figure out why I can't get away from my porcelain goddess for more than 10 minutes at a time - I'm fairly sure I'd quit taking the product and then head to my nearest ER if that didn't fix things.
  4. Why did the $3.34 show up in two separate charges? I've got one for $1.56 to DETXHLTH in Salt Lake City and one for $1.78 to CLEANDIET in Riverton.
I'm supposed to get my 10-day sample in 5-7 business days. The gift card is supposed to show up in 3-5 business days. Will they figure out that they can't charge additional $ to that gift card, or have they figured that out already and I'm wasting time trying to figure out if I can get around the scam?

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