From This ... To This ... A Valentine Sneek Peek

Last year I went public with my valentine's gift for Jon. This year I'm gonna keep it just between us - well except for this little snippet.

Here's the cover of the book I'm making him:

Page one:

Page two:

(BTW - after scanning this and previewing it here I saw a way to vamp her up a bit. If you use your imagination, I think you'll see baby doll to teddy...

Amazing huh?

Page two started out as this

and went to that ^. I was looking through my scrap paper, and this idea just popped in. She's not quite as sexy as I'd imagined, but I do have some artistic limitations.

Oh - and Happy Valentine's Night to you, too!

1 comment:

  1. WoW! I like your bloglift! How long did that take?
    PS. I'm glad you are keeping your VD gift to yourselves - I don't know that I want my imagination to go there.



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