Some Curious Things Happened as I Started My Day

This morning I stumbled out of bed while being reminded that "Parents and Pastries" started at 7:30. CJ & ED really wanted me to go. I walked them to their bathroom, flipped on the light, and pointed at CJ's watch and then the mirror. There was a simultaneous "Oh", and we turned out the light.

Now that I'm letting my hair grow out (it's near shoulder length!) I face the mirror as Medusa each morning. This is something new for me, and I don't really know how to tame it other than to pull it back in a scrunchy until I can start my morning ablutions.

Anyway. I continued to stumble downstairs and could hear G rumbling about. He typically sleeps in so I was surprised to hear him that early. He bum-slid down the stairs as I was measuring the milk & water for Germade, walked into the kitch with one eye closed and his nose all crinkled up. I turned around to look at him, and he goes, "Wow! I think we both got visited by the hair fairy!" A few weeks ago he & a friend decided to cut their bangs. Jon and I decided to force him to wear his actions instead of fixing them for him. But that's gone on long enough, and the kid is in serious need of a trim-ala-Jon.

So - I stirred the germade into the warm milk & water. ED got out some bowls, and I looked out the window to see Jon out poop-scooping. Snow melt reveals the staggering amount of crud produced by Kona & Hilo over the past few months. They use one particular part of the yard (affectionately known as the mine field by the boys), and varying snow layers tend to cover the deposits. When the snow is gone - boy howdy! Problem is that you can't just go out there to scoop - you have to wait for slight dessication. You also can't do it too early in the week. You need garbage day to be tomorrow. Today was apparently the day. My knight-in-camo-armor just trudged out there without saying anything to anyone. Geesh - and I was having hair concerns!

Finally - ED & CJ had left to catch the bus - each trying to kiss me first so that they could be the first one out the door. I was a titch mean and held CJ back so that ED could have a head start. Really, I just don't get as many kisses from CJ these days so it was an excuse to lay some on him. I'm sure I forgot to mention that I got him some new shoes this week, and he's wearing a men's size 8! That's my size! Gack.

G & Jon were gearing up to head out the door, and all that was missing was G's socks. I just folded some last night so I grabbed them off the laundry room shelf. G stared at me in amazement. "Mom, you're magic!" The poor child doesn't know that socks should just be pulled out of a drawer each day instead of having to hunt through stacks of unfolded clothes every time the sun comes up.

My reward? G grabbed a Diet Coke out of the garage fridge and handed it over while he kissed his dad's woman.

And that was all before 8:00!

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