Things I Love about Jon... (It is Valentine's Day after all)

Valentine's Day - 1993 - 15 years ago - Jon asked me to marry him. I'd gotten back from an engineering conference in Seattle late Valentine's night. Jon met me at the airport to drive me back to Logan. My plane was late, and by the time we got on the freeway it was about 11:45 pm. Jon didn't want to forever hear stories about how he proposed the day after Valentine's, so as we got on I-215 and headed east, he took a deep breath, pointed out the Salt Lake Temple, and asked, "That's romantic, huh?" I just sat there perplexed, and he popped the ole question. Not exactly the scenario I'd thought I'd get, but memorable all the same.

I made a book for Jon's 32nd birthday that contained 32 reasons that I loved him. It's been a few years since I put it together, but reading through it sure helps reinforce that I made the right choice that Valentine's night. Making such a list is a fabulous exercise - if you haven't tried it, you should.

Here are my February 2008 Top 10 Favorite Things about Jon (had to put the date in there because this is a dynamic list):
  1. The sound of his voice - Jon's deep, melodious voice carries very well (Have to admit that I don't think melodious and Jon have ever been combined in the same sentence. Dang romance novels) Even in a room full of people, I can close my eyes, listen to him talk, and walk right to him.

  2. His wake up routine - I tell him to get out of bed about every 10 minutes for half an hour. He finally gets up, goes pee, and then gets back in bed - to stretch his back. Just so you know - I have found other ways to wake him over the past 15 years, but this is a family blog. What were you thinking?

  3. The number of pillows he needs to sleep comfortably - When we got married he had the f-l-a-t-t-e-s-t pillow I'd ever seen. Now he has one for his feet, one for his knees, one at his back, one to hug, one for his head, and one against the headboard so that his hand has a place to rest and doesn't have to be left without any fluff. Did I mention that we also have a pillow top mattress and sleep under a down comforter? It's a bit of heaven I assure you.

  4. His love of breakfast - He always makes sure the boys or hunting companions have a good breakfast before taking on the day. Could be oatmeal, chocolate cake with milk, fried eggs, or cinnamon toast. Doesn't matter - everyone gets food in their tummies before they walk out the door.

  5. How he gets nervous - He is not a big fan of change. It is endearing to me to know that even my well-endowed tough guy has things that make him uneasy. (That 'well-endowed' part was added after he read through this and was disappointed that I hadn't mentioned the size of his manliness. How's that, Sweet?)

  6. How he wears shorts year round - Doesn't matter that it's snowing like a banshee and you can't see 1-foot in front of your face - Jon will be outside wearing wool socks, boots, and his down parka, but the knees will be bare.

  7. He loves my Christmas village - Most years he's more anxious than I am to get this thing out. Of course, he moves that rubber lizard around so it's a daily adventure to see in which branch of the sewer it must have been swimming. Then there's Mr. Timms - the hotel bellhop. Mr. Timms gets awful depressed over the holidays, and he has a tendency to climb tall buildings looking for the best jumping spot. Never a dull day in Christmas in the City!

  8. Nightly backrubs - I have a favorite type of comb that has become sacred at our house. It has a comb on one end and a metal pick at the other. If the boys have gone to bed and one of these combs can't be located, they will be dragged downstairs for the treasure hunt. (OK so this is one of my diva-quirks. In a house where I'm the lone female, I'm allowed) On any given night after the boys are in bed, I can go sit on the floor by the couch, and Jon will use said comb to tickle my back.

  9. He's the laid back one - I love that he lets me be the one to get uptight about stuff. It'd put me over the edge if both of us took up the habit.

  10. Sanctuary - I love that no matter what, Jon has a space for me within his arms and that regardless of the noise and distractions within or outside our home, he gives me moments where I'm exactly where I need to be.

So - Jonny - thank you for being the man I go to sleep with at night, wake up with in the morning, and most important - being the person that I most anticipate seeing or hearing every single day. You help me laugh at myself, thoroughly love and enjoy the 3 incredible boys we've created, and make our home a place I relish.

I love you.

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  1. ok you made me cry. Good to know that John is so loved : )



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