Got Snow?

The storm started yesterday afternoon, and the drive home was awful - OK I didn't have to do it myself because I worked from home. It took my next door neighbor almost 2 hours to drive from down town Salt Lake.

Jon was out snowblowing the driveway last night at 8:30 just so that he could pull his car in off the street. This morning we woke up to over a foot, and he had to go do it - again. The Jordan School District postponed schools by 2 hours. They're saying this impacts 90 schools and ~80,000 students.

Can you imagine how wound up all the kids are going to be today? All the snow, couple hours to mess around, and lots of sugar. I'm glad I'm not a teacher today.

One final thought - the kids have obviously had enough snow. I can't see a single one of them playing outside. From my computer room window I can see five front yards, and none of them have footprints.

These are photos of my friend Darren's house in American Fork Canyon - near where the kids had to spend the night at their elementary school. The stamped concrete is 30" wide, so the pile of snow is ~5 ft high! Notice the lack of footprints here as well - of course they can hardly get out of their front doors...

Here's a link to a story about the storm:



  1. Wow that's a lot of snow. I'm from Utah and I live really close to the mountains, but I don't get nearly that much snow where I live. If I drive up the canyon then it gets pretty bad. I couldn't imagine living somewhere like this. It looks fun for sledding and snowmobiling though! Stamped Concrete Raleigh

  2. My goodness! I recently moved to Utah after years of living in California and I've been in shock; snow isn't something I am used to at all. So having to deal with shoveling my driveway, driving in snow and sleet, and the fact that it's snowing almost everyday is so new to me. But I'm looking at it all as an adventure, so it helps keep me in better spirits..



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