I Think It's the Battery

Things have been pretty somber at our house for the past couple of days. Yesterday Griff threw the mother of all tantrums over a silly sausage biscuit that he couldn't get at McDonalds because they were no longer serving breakfast. Honestly - think chicken nugget woman except in your own home. Wasn't pretty - and wasn't as bad as her.

Shortly before lunch time (a mere one hour later) Griff walked up to me, tapped me on the sore shoulder (that's right - it's still burned...) and said, "Jeff wouldn't want us to sit around at home all day. Jeff got really tired of sitting." I looked at Griff, realized I'd played so much Bejeweled Blitz that I was mentally trying to slide his nose up between his eyes, and decided that he was oh-so-right.

Took a quick shower, got dressed, texted Carson, and we were off!

Or not.

The Yukon would not start. No problemo! Sent Evan back in the house to get the keys to Jon's work van. We're all loaded, sweltering in the heat, and I quickly figure out that even though Jon didn't drive to work, he still managed to take the keys with him. Hunh.

Is there anything worse than being trapped at home? Even when about 20 minutes earlier you would have been content to sit and be a vidiot (it's a term Jon applies to the boys [or me] when we've been in front of a TV, video game, or computer too long).

So - time for my own tantrum - except my neighbors pulled up in their driveway and looked at me funny when I has yelling at Jon. I'm so sorry Jonny! Anyway - I walked back in the house with my head held high - only to discover that I'd left my keys inside and the front door was locked.

Yep - that kind of a day.

Today will be better. Jon charged the battery over night, and guess what didn't work... I've now been instructed on how to start the Yukon with the battery charger and have been directed to drive ONLY to the nearest Sams Club to pick up a new battery. My husband knows me so well. I can indulge in some retail therapy while someone else fixes my car. I love that guy.

Both Jon and the one who will fix my car.

AND I'll get to hear my name over the loud speaker - kind of like being called forward when you win an Oscar. That is pure motivation to get cleaned up and get out of my house today.

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