Things That Make Me Go, "Huh?"

Griff's brain does not go easily into the good night. The kid is either physically or mentally going full bore until it all just immediately stops and he falls asleep.

Now I know that I'm not doing him any favors by snuggling him up next to me until he shuts down each night. But he is my baby, and I gotta tell ya that I'd be missing out on a lot of little things if I didn't do this.

Here's a small smackling of questions that he's asked me lately while I've been trying to lull him to dreamland.

  1. Why don't little boys have girlfriends? (I said that I supposed he could have one if he wanted. He replied: "No thanks. I'll wait til I'm older so that I can think about who I want it to be for a while.)

  2. If everyone we know was really small could we all fit in one mom's tummy? Would that be fun?

  3. If we got a new puppy and Hilo made it bleed, what would we do with the puppy?

  4. Get ready - this one's my favorite... What if Mesico (spelled just how he said it) was our neighbor and we were all turtles?

You did it didn't ya? That last one made you go, "Huh?"


  1. Absolutely adorable. Cute little tike

  2. Wait, wait. What IF Mesico was our neighbor and we were all turtles?

  3. Too funny. I so don't get the last one and who is Mesico?

  4. Come on Nat - think 4 yr old speech. Mesico = Mexico...

  5. I love it.

    I'm spoiling my youngest in the same way and I agree, there are interesting things said in those moments.



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