I've Got One of My Own...

Last night Jon took me to see Australia. I was a little let down by the music - I was expecting something along the lines of Out of Africa or Man from Snowy River. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is one of my favorite songs, but how about something original that facilitates you getting all swept up in the moment?

Musical score aside, I loved this movie! We only got one phone call from the boys, and we got to sit front & center to see Hugh in all his fantastic glory.

At one point, Jon leaned over and asked, "So when are the blades going to pop out of his hands?" I know how much Jon likes X-Men, and Wolverine is one of the favored characters at our place. I did one of those eye-rolling head shakes and squeezed his knee. At least the man has humor.

Hugh eventually made his white jacket appearance. My heart palpatations had me clutching my hands at chest level. I have a feeling that Hugh's wife ain't the only lady gettin turned on...

I happened to look at Jon out of the corner of my eye and remembered my own hunk of a man walking across the room toward me at our wedding reception. There was a sweetly familiar zing in Jon's eye that was also there 15 years ago.

Ya know what? I think he likes me ;)

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