So NOT Mother's Day

It's 10:33 pm, and my boys are not yet asleep.

I've been struggling to get Griff to go to sleep in his bed (not mine) for the past few weeks, and it's not going so well. Part of the problem is that I LOVE snuggling the little guy. He knows how to curl up just right, and he gets all mommy-lovey before he shuts down.

I've had to stay out of my bed (where I'm usually reading at this time of the evening) so that he'll go to his room. He can see me sitting at my desk working/typing/playing/facebooking from his bed. Some nights I've gone in and snuggled him in his room, but I've even been trying to ween myself from that.

I know it's hard to end a day, but I get really tired of the attempts to put off sleep just a while longer. Tonight was full of
Mom? My tummy hurts cuz I'm hungry.
Mom? Can I get out of bed for a drink?
Mom? Can I get out of bed to go tell daddy good night?
Mom? Do you know where the clippers are? My toe nails are off my toes and they're going to tear off on my sheets while I'm asleep.
Mom? Can I get another drink?
Mom? The clipper?
I'd had it after the last question and lashed out a little too loudly and too quickly. The poor guy has been receiving mixed signals from me, and he's just trying to go not-so-quietly-into-the-good-night. I just heard in the faintest little voice all full of sniffles...
Mom. I think you'd better sleep in your own bed tonight.
He's a manipulator that one!

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