Have a Swig of That

So I'm driving toward home this morning (I'd been to a work meeting in American Fork) and I drove past this guy sitting on the side of the road chugging away on a GALLON of sky blue liquid. I know that there are all sorts of colored sugar-water out there, but this sickeningly resembled windshield-washer fluid.

I have to wonder what it was that caught my eye:
  • the gallon size container
  • the man himself just sitting there on the curb
  • the blue liquid

Problem is that I just kept driving while I wondered, and I don't really want to go see if he's now a dead guy laying on the side of the road with an empty gallon size container.


  1. I just saw your comment to Becky on the Hill blog about you and her bugging Jon to go to San Antonio. FYI: I google mapped it, and it's only 2 more to get to my house in MI than to Becks house in TX (unless you go the I-80 way to TX, then its the same amount of time). Just thought I'd throw that out there.



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