2:00 Friday

When I woke up this morning I really did plan on getting a lot done today.

I was going to

  • rotate laundry loads, put one away, and start a new one from the boy's hamper
  • take Griff with me to get my blood drawn - checking my very low vitamin D levels and my very high cholesterol - has to be done after fasting for at least 12 hours
  • take Griff out for breakfast because I'd convinced myself I would be starving by then
  • Do a conference call for work from the car while I watched G swing/slide/run
  • swing through Costco
  • Return home to rotate laundry
  • Deliver Scentsy orders
  • Feed G & me lunch
  • Finish the permit schedule and quality checklist for one of my work projects
  • Rotate laundry
  • Begin placing rocks that Jon's dug/raked/sworn out of the back yard in strategic places in my flower beds

  • I had figured that about the time I was starting to get the rocks placed my older two boys would be home from school, and they would happily help me finish this chore.

    W E L L
    Carson and Evan will be walking through the front door in about 13 minutes, and I've yet to rotate a single load of wash.

    I've been sitting here looking up ways to do my newly chopped tresses. Wednesday afternoon I had my favorite hair dresser cut off just over 3 inches. I've never had hair long enough to cut off 3 inches and still have hair left. I knew I was tired of the hair on my neck, and it was definitely time for a change. BUT HELLO?! Chopping off my hair (it's still in a short bob) made me discover how insecure I've become. I'm pretty sure that none of the clothes in my closet go with short hair. Yesterday I had to wear a collared shirt to cover up some of my neck. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but wow.

    BTW - today I found out that if left to his own devices long enough, Griff will grow weary of telling his mother he's hungry. He'll look through the fridge, smear some stuff on a tortilla, cover it with cheese, microwave it for 1:50, and roll it all up when it beeps. Makes for a crunchy tortilla, and I don't really want to know what he found to smear. I think mine had banana, apple sauce, and bacon. He added some blue cheese cause he knew it was my favorite. Honestly? It wasn't that bad.

    And I still haven't showered...

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