Pimp My Blog / Ode to Our Monkeys

Pardon the dust...

That green stencil thing just wasn't cutting it for me. So, I played around with my layout a bit.

I like the title of my blog (Random Deliberate Cogitation), but I was thinking it sounded a bit pretentious. So that changed as well.

I found a quote by Winston Churchill (see the top of the side bar) that made me think, "Huh?". At the same time I was thinking, "How fitting is that?!" Can't tell you why, it just seems to work for me. So, since I refer to my boys as monkeys quite often, and our stuffed animal collection started out with a monkey, there you go.

George was purchased in Denver on a 3/$1 sale by Jon when Carson was not quite 2. George has been to Colorado (obviously), Florida, California, and New Mexico. He used to be the must have sleep item, but has earned a place of honor near Carson's bank and his books. George guards the alarm clock so that no one messes with the time that Carson sets when he thinks he'll get out of bed. Of course - if Carson sleeps through the alarm, it's also George who is the culprit.

George used to hide in the collar of Jon's shirt and would wave at Carson while he was in his carseat during those dreaded car rides. George could nod his head, "Yes" or shake his head, "No". He could play hide and seek, and was capable of making many tears disappear. Note that Evan has started collecting Star Wars figurines - as long as they are in a box. This was his most recent purchase so it's in the place of honor, too. Think I ought to tell him about the damage caused by sunlight? Sad thing is that most of his boxes get opened by one or the other of his brothers, so they don't last long anyway.

I love George!

Next came Ringo, who showed up in Evan's stocking one year for Christmas. Ringo is an orangatang, and Evan couldn't say that word at the time. There really was no guidance in trying to get Evan to choose that name, he must have been channeling his rock star very early and that's what popped out... I don't think the Beatles have made a playlist in our house to date.

I just went looking for all of the monkeys to do a group shot for you, but they're in hiding. Perhaps when Evan gets home (he's the keeper of the stuffeds), I'll be able to gather them.

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