Evan Screams Like a Girl

I took Evan to see the pediatrician today because his knees are bothering him every morning - AGAIN. This comes up intermittently, but the pain goes away, and so does the need to go see Doc Schmidt.

Anyway - today we got to be questioned by intern, Doug, before the doc came in the room. Evan has a habit of going all quiet - not so much shy, just some kind of "if I shrink into my chair and move my mouth while I breath, I will be left alone". Insert eyeroll here

Doug did a good job asking questions, he just did too much leading. I mean when a kid hurts sometimes you have to call him on it and make him show you where. Doug asked him on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being when he broke his leg), how bad was this pain? Evan finally spoke up that it was ABOUT a 2. Remember the eye roll from the previous paragraph - well, insert an even bigger one here If this morning pain is only a 2 and he's griped this much, the mom-patience is defintely going to be tried!

Doc Schmidt comes in, talks to Evan a bit, has him run up and down the hall (because Evan runs kind of funny). Doc agreed with me about the funny running and went back in the room to write up our lab order. The purpose of the tests is to rule out the bad stuff - like arthritis.

We got to go have blood drawn and an xray taken of both lower legs. I'm really surprised that DCFS didn't come running down the hall during the blood draw.
Evan's name was called, and he walked on back like it was no big deal. He went to sit down in the chair and saw the needle cup thing and the 3 vials on the counter. He started to shake and sank to the floor while clutching the leg of the chair. I picked him up while he remained curled into a very tight ball. I sat him on my lap while I sat in the chair. The phlebotomist asked me to pin his legs between mine (I did an all right job, but I'm sure a couple of them got gut kicked at least once) and wrap my right arm over his. This just didn't work. We ended up calling 2 more helpers. That made 4 grown women trying to hold the kid down while they got the vials filled!

This boy has an amazing set of lungs when he chooses to use them. I just mentioned how quiet he was when he didn't really want the attention, but once he saw that a needle was involved, all the rules changed. I. Could. Not. Believe. The. Noise. This. Boy. Made. If I hadn't been pinned underneath him, I really think I would have walked away.

Anyway - xrays looked fine (no tumors or incorrectly healed bones - Ev broke his left tibia when he was 3 and his right tibia when he was 4). We'll hear back from the lab on Friday morning.

When it was all over and we were in the Yukon driving home, I had to call Jon and laugh about how out of control Evan had been. We put Jon on speaker so that he could ask some questions. The last one was, "So did it really hurt?" Evan's reply?



  1. I can't wait until Zayley is Evan's age.

  2. Staci - that is hilarious! Your life is never dull!

  3. My brother-in-law is 6'7" and says he remembers as a kid just laying in bed in pain because of the growing pains.



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