What ya get...

How do you think Griff got to look like this Airbender avatar?

I suppose this is what we get for going out to dinner and leaving the boys home. Jon and I were finishing a nice mid-week date night dinner when both of our phones rang. This can't be a good thing, right? Carson and Evan were calling to tell us that Griff had locked himself in our bathroom with a pair of scissors and had cut about an "X-box controller" sized patch out of his hair. Evan was a hair-cutter, so we thought we'd be prepared...

Not so.

This is what met us at the top of the stairs.

Griff had decided to make himself look like his dad. Click on the photo so that you can see how close this kid had the scissors... The tears were a result of his brothers convincing him he'd be locked in a closet with no food, water, or light when Mom & Dad saw what he'd done.

In his defense, I know that Griff really is a daddy's boy and that he was competing with me for some of Jon's attention. I'd say he won. Jon ended up shaving his head, and even with the closest clipper, you can still see the track marks.

About 36 hours later tears are forgotten, and Griff is more than happy to perform this little dance that he's come up with that makes me just plain giggle. I've got a few work phone calls that I'm supposed to be making this morning, but I just can't help but watch the booty shaking action...

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