Our Missionaries Are Home!

Jon's parents got home from their Leeds, England mission last night. We went to the airport to welcome them home. We've been skyping them most of the 18 months, but it just doesn't compare to seeing them in person.

Here's our group waiting for them to get off the plane. We're in the back under the baggage claim sign. There was an elder and a sister also on this flight, so the airport was a little busy at nearly 10:00 pm on a Thursday... I should apologize for the focus of these photos - little anticipation in the air.

I think Grandma's expression captures exactly what everyone was feeling...

Notice that the grandkids charged at Grandma and ran past the Security point. Before Grandma and Grandpa got there, the security guards did a great job keeping everyone back, but once the kids saw Marilyn, there was no way restrain them. Notice the expression on the guard's face in the background. I think that'd be a great job when you get to witness these kind of reunions...

Dad told Jon he'd be wearing his English cap, but it threw at least one of my sisters-in-law. She was watching for his white hair. Pilgrim looked great, huh?

We're anxious to get over to their house and spend some time with them, but we're letting them catch up on some jetlag first.

We missed you Grandpa and Grandma!

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