Apartment 3

First of all I must apologize for all of the background changes going on here at CMM. I just can't find one that I'm in <3 with. Ya know? I do like the books so perhaps that will stick for a while. Anyway. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Yesterday I met up with three of the best roommates that a girl could ever have. In this lot there's a mechanical engineer, environmental engineer, AP English teacher, and nurse. There are 3 marriages and 9 children between us. See that knockout on the end? She's single. Know any successful, confident, attractive, desirable, single men near 40? Talk to me, and let's see what we can do...

When I've given roommate advice to my college-age nieces, the year I draw on the most is the year I lived with Lisa (pink), Karen (purple), and Julie (white). Apartment 3 was full of emotion. Two of us were engaged, so imagine 2 very tolerant fiancees, hectic school and study schedules, and the hormones associated with starting birth control. You know what? The 4 of us had an unforgettable time together.

At some point we found these 84321 (which was our zip code - think 90210 folks) t-shirts, and we wore them a lot. This photo was taken before one of our volley ball games. I'm not sure who we talked into taking the photo. I'm also not sure how they did it with a straight face...
84321 Angels

I learned a lot from these three:
  • They had my back
  • They wanted what was best for me and wanted me to do my best
  • Visiting teaching is completely enjoyable when done the first week of the month
  • Being motivated to go after what you want is a very good thing
  • Intelligent women can be powerful and female at the same time - and sometimes that includes nail polish, hair bows, and short skirts
  • Most times you need to shave before being seen in your swimsuit
  • Decorating is delightful
  • Sharing food prep, dinner, and cleanup multiple times each week strengthens relationships and makes home a place you love to be
Lunch was fabulous. And the company was even better. I miss you girls and can't wait until we get together next time.

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  1. Love the photos! It's amazing how your friendship has continued through the years. You all look amazing. =)



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