Numb Nose

Oh the diva fit that I am pitching!

I've been gone most of the day, and my boys have had enough of each other. One of them is tired and needs to go to sleep, while another is dry heaving and complaining that he's cold. So not good.

My neighbor is getting married tomorrow, and Jon and I get to go to the ceremony sans male progeny. I am so excited! I'm also excited to dance with same male progeny at the reception, but I'm looking forward to some afternoon romance with my man.

I had to get a cavity filled today, and my upper lip is nearly numb to my eye. The bulbous part of my nose isn't numb - just the bottom part that is my lip. You know that quilting woman - Nancy Zieman? - well, that's what I've looked like all afternoon. I've drooled, and I've had snot running out of my nose without me knowing it. Again - so not good.

Didn't get to do my temple service this evening because we were 10 minutes later than what they typically allow. Didn't go over so well with me. I was a bit peeved with my man I talked about up there ^ because he got home from work late.

I didn't get to eat dinner because I wasn't in the mood to try with a numb lip before the temple deal, and I was upset afterward because I felt like being upset. So now it's 10:23 pm. I'm hungry, ornery, and really jonesing for a Diet Coke - which I won't drink because it's too late. My man offered to make me a potsticker, but the thought of the belched-up flavor afterward has me doing those dry heaves.

We had one of those insulation companies come in and up the R-factor in our attic - then they get the rebate checks from Questar and RMP ya know? Well, I KNOW that I've got that RMP check around here somewhere. I put it somewhere safe so that I could just grab it and give it to them. They came tonight to pick it up and guess what... NO CHECK!!! If I have to pay them I'm going to go C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I was running around asking my guys for help, and do you know what they all did? They left! They went outside or to the neighbor's or to the basement.

So I did what any sane diva would do. I quit looking for the check and played a couple of levels of Sorority Life on Facebook. Because that's so fulfilling and productive...

Do you see how this Diva stuff comes on?! Sheesh. Now how am I supposed to get to sleep so that tomorrow can be a better day?

Eeyore's got nothing on me.


  1. Thank you for making me feel normal! (I mean that in the sense that I've been pitching a diva fit since Saturday-it better pass soon!!!)

  2. Make your man buy you a shake and turn on a violent movie. Oh wait - that's what my man does. Maybe a chick flick.



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