Project-itis or Spiffying Up My Space

I finished these back in September or October, but I haven't posted photos yet. A friend of mine said she saw something similar at Tai-Pan Trading, but I came up with this idea all on my own - no Tai-Pan inspiration...

Jon got our white couches in exchange for finishing a basement our 2nd Christmas in this house. I dreaded those couches and then finally decided to just work with them. They are a pain to keep clean, but everyone does their best.

I decided that my decorating motif for this room would be rustic elegance. I've tried to bring in some strong feminine elements as well as some masculine features - hence the 2x4s, 1x3s and plywood I used to complete these cornices (or are they valances?)

There are 3 of them. One hangs over the 6 ft window on the south side of the living room. The other two go over the 3 ft windows on the west side.

I spray painted the aluminum tiles with a champagney/coppery colored metallic base and then dabbed on the greenish-copper patina.

Then I stained the 2x4s and 1x3s with a mahogany stain.

Jon helped me screw them together. We mounted them on the walls with photo hangers. They are very light (big one probably weighs 15-20 lbs). If I decide to dress them up a bit more, I can put a tension rod inside each box and hang sheers.

Couple of things to finish up this room... I HATE the mantel. I'd like it to be deeper and wider. I also strongly dislike the tile around the fireplace and I'd like a book case on the wall where the ficus tree is. I'm also playing with idea of creating a coffee table out of the steamer trunk that sits on my front porch (came from Switzerland with Jon's Grandma when she was 8). 

Note the green table. That was a $5 DI find that I sanded and painted last spring. 

Sometimes I really do impress myself.

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