Now that's summer!

It's been a great summer so far - Moon Lake, 4th of July, 16th wedding anniversary, cub scout day camp, 20 year high school reunion, visiting the Stauffers & McIlleces, and the Egan family reunion - and school's only been out since July 2!

I was going to say that the past week has been busy, but then I realized that school has only been out for that week. Dang - no wonder it's been such a good time.

Carson's week is indicitive of the type of summer I think every kid should enjoy remembering. Monday night he did a sleep over with a friend. Last night we all went to a Harry Potter midnight show (4 thumbs up from our house - I'm sure it'd be 5, but Griff fell asleep during the teasers, and there was no waking the boy). Tonight he gets to sleep over at Grandma & Grandpa Hill's so that he can leave EARLY in the morning for a hike to Blanche Lake with Grandpa, Evan & some cousins.
I can feel a grumpy kid coming on.

I'm gonna share my 2nd pedi of the season with you...

Can you stand it?! I think it's adorable - and so eye catching. I have to be careful when I'm walking because I catch myself paying more attention to my tootsies than to where I'm going. Dang I really am blonde sometimes.

One final thing that I completely enjoy each summer - reading Jennifer Cruisie's Bet Me. Doesn't necessarily take place during the summer, but I love Jen Cruisie's sense of humor, and Cal and Min are at the top of my all time fav couples list. I was reading it this afternoon and was reminded how much I love the little thing.

How simple is that? Cute toes and a great paperback. I love summer...


  1. Cute toes! You've got me beat by 2 pedi's. I plan on getting one in UT with Tash and Nicole.



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