Trying for a Fabulous Friday

I'm not feeling so fabulous today. I've got a case of vertigo that roars upon me every time I turn my head. The weather is drizzly and overcast. Actually I think it's snowing.

This morning I tried reading while laying on the couch with Griff watching Super Why - didn't work so well. The words swirled every time I turned the page.

Took a nap - worked but only while I was sleeping. I also had a dream that if you looked into the drizzle you could make out something that looked frighteningly like the space shuttle. There's a Frito Lay plant a few miles north west of my house, and in my dream they were the complany who had launched this ship. I awoke hollering for Griff to come and see - he kept looking out the window and I was getting upset with him because I needed him to look at the window that was apparently installed in the couch while I was asleep. He was all sorts of confused.

Did a phone call and a couple of emails for work - fine if I looked directly at my computer screen or closed my eyes.

Found a review for a blow dryer that I think I must obtain on my next retail therapy trip. Of course the video with the whirling hair strands did nothing for me.

Made Griff some mac & cheese for lunch. Wow - who knew boiling water and tumbling macaroni could make a woman so nauseous!

Entered the codes from misc Coca-Cola products at mycokerewards.com. I'm only a few lids away from a magazine subscription. I was entering codes to get free 20 oz bottles of my favorite daily elixir, but it took almost 3 weeks to get my first voucher. Like I'm gonna wait that long people! I decided that I'll go for the mag subscription so that I can drink away while I'm perusing pages once a month... My boys have really been helping me out. Everytime they find a coded lid they bring it home - it's better than seeing a penny and picking it up! I'm trying to decide if I want to get

  • Cosmo (because couldn't we all use some of those incredible monthly nookie tips?)
  • Redbook
  • Country Living
  • Popular Mechanics
  • House Beautiful
  • Cookie
  • Glamour
  • W
  • O

Honestly? I've tried the positive attitude thing, but the nausea is getting worse, and I'm starting to get chills. I think I need to head to my nice, cozy bed and hunker down for the afternoon.

Maybe not so fab after all...

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