Put a muzzle on that one!

Yesterday morning we were enjoying warm muffins that my friend, April, had whipped up for breakfast. This was before Jon and the boys headed out the door for church - AND before we realized that daylight savings time had begun without us. My guys were a mere hour and 20 minutes late for worship.

Anyway - Griff was sitting across from April, and he stunned us all by asking her

How come you have boobs?

Nice to know that my children are completely comfortable with my friends. To April's credit she was the first to understand that he didn't really want to know about her twins - he was following up on an earlier conversation the two of them had about boo-boos.

April - really - thank you for an incredible weekend. The boys kept asking when they could see Coal again, and I just kept wishing that you hadn't had to leave.

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