So Griff Goes...

I am daily amazed at the way Griffin's mind works. These are a few of the things that have occupied his thoughts just this week.

Today he woke up wanting to clean his room. He demanded that he get to use the vacuum. Who am I to stop that? Now he's in there using the hose attachment to pick up the clothes on the floor so that he DOESN'T HAVE TO BEND OVER.

Early this week Griff kept saying that he really wanted a spiky apple. I had no idea what he was talking about, and he was so frustrated with me. Yesterday I went shopping and picked up some fruit to take to Scone Sunday at G&G Hill's. I was putting it in the garage fridge when I got home, and he was helping. He grabbed one bag, dropped it on the ground and ran up to me. I got the tightest squeeze and the most amazing lip kiss ever. "Oh, Mom, you listened!" he said. I was still in the dark at this point so he picked up what he'd dropped and held it up like a prize trophy. Guess what it was... A pineapple.

While I was working yesterday afternoon Griff came in and said, "I think I need to get married very quickly." I raised my eyebrows and asked him why. He stage whispered, "Because there is a baby in my tummy - I can feel it moving." Then he proceeded to jump on the futon and produced a humongous belch. "See, you can even hear it talking!"

Last night Jon was laying on the couch watching the end of the U game, and Griffin decided to snuggle up and join him. Griff rolled over and said, "Dad - your arm pits smell so good. Just like eggs!"

Finally - I'll leave you with the picture Griff drew of me on Tuesday. It's nice to know that even at 4 he's already picked up on one particular portion of the female anatomy (not!). If you know how to interpret 4-yr-old then you can see that he even labeled this beauty just in case we didn't know who he'd drawn.


  1. Very cute kid! Funny funny funny. A spikey apple! Makes sense now doesn't it? Did Jon take it as a compliment when he was told his armpit smells like eggs? I should have thought of the old vacuum trick when I was pregnant - no more bending over! Sweet!

  2. So, are you wearing the red bra under the pink dress?

  3. As I said earlier - THE RED BRA'S NOT MINE!!!

    But really - I MUST be wearing sumthin cause the girls just aren't gonna stay up like that on their own...

  4. That was so funny I laughed my head off. Four year olds say the funniest things, I wish I remembered them like you do, there are so many and they jump out of my mind for I get them in a blog.



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