We Went to Disneyland!!!

The boys were off track in February. We decided to make a trip to Disneyland - haven't been there since September 10, 2001. Apologies to Aunt Willie and Uncle Jim for not stopping by for a visit. The drive took longer than we'd planned. Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma Norris for the hotel room!

The boys had seen a booth like this one in the photos that Grandma Hill sent from England, so they had to jump in. Funny thing was, no grandma came out, and there weren't any Superman costumes in there...

Carson and I LOVED California Screamin. We rode it 8 times!

Evan was selected for Jedi training. He was so excited to take on Darth Maul that he was shaking. Of course, he'd never let his aponent know that. He was all sorts of calm.

This is how Griff survived Pirates. Jon wanted the boys to remember this ride, so we went on it at least 3 times per day. This was the last time we got G on it... We made the mistake of taking him on the Tower of Terror at California Adventure, and it scared the puddin out of him! I suppose we should have listened when the girl in front of us said ToT made her cry her first time riding it. Oh well. One more adventure to add to G's list...

Recognize this guy? Jon said he's the only character who gets to act like "an arse" and not get in trouble for it. He wasn't very friendly...

What's up with Jonny and that stance anyway?

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