No Hollow Weenies This Year!

Can you say fabulous All Hallow’s Eve? We had a yummy dinner. Carson got to go out for the first time with just the guys - no parents. He even had a few of the neighborhood hotties stopping by to see if he could go with them. Good thing he was gone already, huh? Jon's friend David Tipton brought his son Josh over to go out with Griff and Evan. I got to stay home and answer the door. Griff and Evan came home to empty their bags and ended up going out again.

We started out with witch’s eyes, fried zombie flesh, and mummy guts for dinner. Look like something you’d eat at your house?
Martha Stewart had a great idea for creating spider-webbed eggs. You supposedly just add a few blueberries to the water toward the end of the boiling. When the eggs are finished, you crack the shell with a blunt kitchen tool (think wire whisk with a heavy handle) and then pour the blueberry water back over the egg. Pouring wasn't doing the trick, so we ended up putting the eggs back in the water to soak. Still no web. Added blue food coloring to the water, and here was the end result - not so spider-webby. How many eggs do you think they used to get their magazine layout anyway???
We only had one boy in makeup this year. Hallelujah!

Carson was going to be a zombie, but he found this incredible sword and had to use it. The only costume we could think of was Duncan McLeod - The Highlander. For all of you non sci-fi types, Duncan is a timetraveler who fights other Highlanders. Upon killing such foes, he goes through a quickening and becomes more powerful. Since Sean Connery had the good sense to be a Highlander, I was all for this costume...

Evan was Count Bloodthirst. His costume was the most fun to come up with. Had all of the boys involved looking for pieces of it, and I even did a little bit of sewing to make his cape. He forgot his teeth though. He'd taken them out to eat the eyes, flesh, and guts and walked out the door without putting them back in. Woops!

Griff was a RED RANGER. We found his costume earlier this fall on clearance at Target. For $6 there was no way to come up with anything better, so he was what he was. This one started eating candy before he'd even walked out the door to go Trick or Treating. When we went through his candy later that night we found multiple candy bars that had been partially chewed - paper and all. Seems G was tearing off wrappers, got a taste of the sweet stuff, and bit right in. Jon had a good point - at least we're not still changing those diapers...

Carson got the prize for largest score. At one home, the robot, CPA, and Yoshi Egg were headed off the steps ahead of him. The woman asked, "Would anyone like these?" Carson turned around and she was holding up an entire bag of Robin's Eggs (those malted milk things you get at Easter). Carson shrugged and said he'd take them home.

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  1. I totally wanted to try that hard boiled egg thing when I bought Martha's Halloween magazine. I can't believe it didn't work! Stupid Martha Stewart.



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