Who's Your Celebrity Match?

I was looking for Zombie costume ideas for Carson online this morning and found a website that said your costume would be better if you had a "story" to go along with your zombie.

The first part of coming up with your story was to figure out who you were before you were zombified (a doctor, cheerleader, motorcyclist, pirate, etc). It provided a link to myheritage.com, which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and then choose a celebrity that looks like you. I had some fun and came up with the following two groups of celebs for myself:




You can select one of the celebs and do a morph of yourself into that celeb. Pretty dang scary...

They also let you upload a photo of a mom, dad, and child and determine which parent the child looks more like. My boys all looked 5-14% more like me - not a definitive answer if you ask me.

Thought it was silly enough to share, but I'm really supposed to be working this morning. Back to it!

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